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Having seen several of these threads start and appear very popular then disappear again, I thought I would try and start an official thread here and see if I can get it Stickied so people can make full use of it.

What with a credit crunch where retailers are cutting their own throats over dropping prices to get a few sales, and with Xmas coming up where again, retailers want you to spend with them more than anywhere else, The time to pick up bargains on console bundles, game price drops etc is just starting.

So if you see any bargains at all that are just fantastic opportunities then please place them here for everyone to know about and share.
I find a lot of bargains websites like Hot UK Deals but as they are updated all the time and the deals soon get lost within hours I believe it is better to post them here so people can browse the deals at a more relaxed leisure. It also saves me feeling like a bit of a spammer going around posting dozens of "bargain" threads in each gaming forum if we clump them all together on the one thread.

I hope to have your support with this thread, if it gets popular and people appreciate the posting of gaming bargains it might be easier to get it stickied and be a main feature. Because lets face it, no matter what console you prefer, we all want to own one, and play games on one, so if we can find ways of doing that for each other that is cheaper than paying full RRP then I am all for it. Be nice to have the forum come together as a group for once rather than another fanboy fight http://i1.cdnds.net/13/49/happy.gif

To start the ball rolling:

Elite + 3 free games from a selection of 5 (DOA4/Forza2/Too Human/Mass Effect/Lost Odyssey) = 229.89
http://www.gamestation.co.uk/discoun...discountid=474 (http://www.gamestation.co.uk/discountaddall.asp?discountid=474)

PGR3 on Xbox360 = 4.99 delivered
http://www.game.co.uk/Xbox360/Racing...mmended=SEARCH (http://www.game.co.uk/Xbox360/Racing/~r330339/Project-Gotham-Racing-3-Classic/?recommended=SEARCH)

Dark Sector on Xbox360 = 9.93 delivered
http://www.asda-entertainment.co.uk/...957040.product (http://www.asda-entertainment.co.uk/asda/9957040.product)

Oblivion GOTY/Assassins Creed/Skate/F.E.A.R/ on PS3 = 14.73 delivered each
http://www.asda-entertainment.co.uk/...993866.product (http://www.asda-entertainment.co.uk/asda/9993866.product)

Sega Mega Drive Handheld Preorder = 29.99 delivered
http://hmv.com/hmvweb/simpleSearch.d...T.mc_id=101450 (http://hmv.com/hmvweb/simpleSearch.do?searchUID=&pGroupID=-1&adultFlag=false&primaryID=-1&simpleSearchString=Portable+Hand+Held+Mega+Drive&btnSubmitSearch.x=29&btnSubmitSearch.y=13&batuid=1000&affiliate=buyat&lpgrp=network&WT.mc_id=101450)

I agree. A bargain games/console sticky would help a lot - especially when Christmas is round the corner.

Found Eternal Sonata for 8.97 in Tesco Jersey + FREE delivery
Link (http://jersey.tesco.com/product.aspx?R=814056&bci=4|Games*174|Special%20Offers*4294312962|Xbox%2 0360)

Found an Xbox 360 60 gig Premium + Bad Company from Game for 169.99
Link (http://www.game.co.uk/Xbox360/Hardware/HardwareBundle/~r337015/Xbox-360-60GB-Premium-Pack-with-Battlefield-Bad-Company/)

Worth noting that Argos are selling their 29.99 in a 2 for 45 deal on Xbox games.
Link (http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/catalogId/1500001151/partNumber/5689189.htm)

Also Zavvi are selling the Wii version of The Force Unleashed for 29 + FREE delivery
link (http://www.zavvi.co.uk/Star-Wars-The-Force-Unleashed/858021/p.jsf)

This has been mentioned on the Xbox forum.

HMV are selling
Elite Xbox360
+ Halo 3
+ GTA 4
+ Wireless Connector
= 229.99 or 269.99

It was a 299.99 deal that is apparently dropped to 269.99

But some stores (Derby HMV/ Lister in Nottingham) are selling them at 229.99 (possibly in error)http://img206.imageshack.us/img206/3702/229pi4.jpg

Wimbledon HMV store is also selling the unbundled Elite for 199.99 too but it may be in error too as it was scrawled on a billboard outside the store by a staff member.

No idea on expire dates of the promotion and apparently you have to ask the HMV staff for the price of the deal (as seen in the above image) who will tell you whether its 269.99 or for some error down to 229.99

If you do get it for 229.99 you are getting the Elite at normal RRP and 2 x 40 games and a 50 wifi adaptor thrown in http://i2.cdnds.net/13/49/wink.gif

I saw this rather interesting deal from Amazon. For 120 you can buy the Arcade Xbox 360!

link (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Xbox-Arcade-Console-Memory-Unit/dp/B000XPED00/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&s=videogames&qid=1221950364&sr=1-3)

We already have a bargain thread in the Sony forum (obviously for that platform) and so far the mods havent made that a sticky. It has 392 replies and about 26,000 reads. It's a good idea so long as you can convince a mod.

Comet Instore are apparently doing the Xbox360 standalone 120Gb HDD for 59.99. Not seen them myself tho to confirm. If true, it might be good to pick up a 129 Arcade and add the HDD to it for 40 less than buying it as an Elite (if u dont mind the colour etc)