View Full Version : The Only War that Mattered.

There have been many fights and wars in human history. Some rivalries are in bedded so deep in our society we can't help it. Now sometimes these things start out as mis understandings, or just opposite sides combating each other. But what makes a rivalry great usually lies in the sides we choose. We might be on the side of the winner or loser. No matter what we as people always choose a side, and thats were the fun sometimes come in at. Be honest this rivalry, battle, fight, war was the only one that mattered.

Think about it, Ali vs Frazier, Lakers vs Celtics, USc vs UCLA, Mac vs PC, Batman vs Superman, Marvel vs DC, Star War vs Star Trek, Mario and Sonic, Cyclopse vs Wolverine, Dante and Vergil, Sony and MS, Ja Rule vs 50 Cent, Pac and Biggie.... Some of those battles still rage on to this day. Folks are born to hate the opposite of their side. I was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA, I'm not a big sports fan, but from where I'm from it is criminal to like the Cowboys. I'm just not supposed to like them period.

For instance TMNT had a game on both SNES and GEN, but both were completely different games. They might have played the same but they were not the same at all. There is also the Power Rangers the Movie game, while the Sega version had you already morphed and suited up, the SNES version allowed you to gain energy to actually morph into a Ranger. Not to mention console exclusives like the blood code for MK. Companies don't do that now, unless you count for CLD characters or and extra level. I really wish they did.

Most importantly, what I think was the key, one console per house. Unless you were one of the lucky bastards to have both (ME). Back then you either got a Sega or a SNES, and that's all it took. If you were the kid who got something everyone else didn't have nine out of ten you were laughed at or picked on. Flame wars would start over which was better. True it was childish but looking back those were good times. Arguing over Sonic and Mario. It was also special because it meant that some of your friends would want to come hang out and play your system and not theirs.

I’m a Nintendo guy, through and through. My brother was a SEGA Mega Drive guy and together we had an eclectic mix of games to keep us entertained. I was more into DKC, Starwing (Starfox) and Secret of Mana -and NES games like Duck Tales, Batman and Kabuki Quantum Fighter before that. He was into Sword of Vermillion (one of the earliest “first person” style RPG’s and excellent to boot), Madden ’92 and of course, the Sonic games.
Overall they had a very different mix of games. For games from Japan and RPG-centric games SEGA couldn’t touch SNES with a barge pole. The reverse was the same for arcade style titles, the SNES was great for first party and Japanese developers with western dev’s (besides Rare) being largely unsuccessful on the platform.
Both had strengths, both had weaknesses but they both brought fun in equal amounts, if through different genres.