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I have a new computer that came bundled with McAfee software that's blocking Windows firewall and defender from running. McAfee is annoying because I'm always getting all these pop-ups that I'm thinking of just uninstalling it and just use the protection that came bundled with Windows 8.<br />
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But, but then I saw these tests that concerned me, where Windows finished near the bottom(McAfee finished slightly better):<br />
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http://www.anti-malware-test.com/firewall_test_outbound_protection_2013<br />
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It seemed like that graph was showing that Comodo was the best firewall, but I have a Windows 8 and they were testing Windows 7 so I don't know how much of a difference that makes. It also seemed weird because I didn't see ZoneAlarm tested even though I thought Comodo, ZoneAlarm,
and Online Armor were considered the best firewalls out there. <br />
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So, what free firewall would you recommend for my computer- Windows 8 while running Avast anti-virus. <br />
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I'm a computer newbie so Comodo seems like it might be too complicated for me where its asking the user to make those security decisions about which programs are safe cause how am I supposed to know if they are or not. <br />
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Basically, I want to pick a firewall, and never worry about it again.

Can I use the Windows firewall without using their anti-virus? I remember that you shouldn't have multiple anti-virus programs, and I was planning on using Avast anti-virus because I read that was the best free anti-virus program out there.

I remember its bad to use multiple anti-virus programs so does that mean it would also be a bad idea to have multiple firewalls with Windows built in firewall and another third party firewall like Online Armor?

There are several labs which test the effectiveness of major anti-virus programs to include AV-Comparatives.org, Virus Bulletin Comparative Tests, AV-Test.org, NSS Labs Consumer Anti-Malware Products Group Test Report, etc.

These kinds of comparative testing results will vary depending on a variety of factors to include but not limited to who conducted the testing, what they were testing for (type of threats, attack vectors, exploits), what versions of anti-virus software was tested, what type of scanning engine was used, and the ability to clean or repair. There are no universally predefined set of standards or criteria for testing which means each test will yield different results. As such, you need to look for detailed information about how the tests were conducted, the procedures used, and data results.

Most concerns you may have heard or read about the Windows Firewall were in the XP operating system so many users were advised to use third-party alternatives. Microsoft significantly improved the firewall to address these concerns in Vista and then added more improvements in Windows 7/8. These are 5 Reasons Why the Windows Firewall is One of the Best Firewalls. See Choosing a Firewall

Windows Defender on Windows 8 integrates a more robust version of Windows Defender (and uses that name) for its anti-virus and anti-malware protection. Although it uses the same name, it is not the same as Defender in previous operating systems. Windows 8 Defender provides the same level of protection against malware as Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) and uses the same virus definition updates.

* Windows Defender on Windows 8 - Introduction and FAQs
* Windows 8: new and improved security features
* Windows 8 Security: Defender Antivirus
* Windows Defender and Windows SmartScreen

Since Windows 8 Defender includes anti-virus protection, it may be disabled by the installation of a third-party anti-virus program. If you want to use Windows 8 Defender you need to completely uninstall the third-party anti-virus and activate it.

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If you want to use another anti-virus it is recommended to disable Windows 8 Defender before installing a different antivirus software.

If you want to use another firewall, you also need to disable Windows Firewall.
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