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Posted 06 February 2014 - 02:52 PM

Wasn't sure how to properly label the title for what I'm looking for or if this is the right section for what I want.

What I'm looking for is something that I can run that will disable all network trafic for my conection except for specific programs- but only when I launch those programs. The rest of the time when I'm not using them I want everything else to be turned on as normal automatically. I want to be able to point at a program and say "when that's running, everything else needs to be halted while it's doing its thing".

I know I could go into windows fire wall and add in abunch of suff to try to limit network flow, but I realistically don't know all the crap that runs in the backround that usses my connection. I add and uninstall stuff all the time to so it would be a pain to edit my firewalls constantly to fit the ever changing specific parmiters that they require.

(unessasary text to read)

Reason for this is that some of my programs require really good ping and a stable connection IE- I.M's, video chat, games, compnay network specific programs (the proper term slips my mind at the moment). Alot of the are very picky about my connection and if they drop below a set ping or bandwith requiment for one second the servers will disconnect me (very unprofessional on my end). I can restart them and I'll be good for a couple hours most times, but if I drop below it even once... frustration. For that reason I have 2 seprate connections- a 12mbps satalite connection (exede) for downloading and a 3G connection (AT&T towers) for the Ping/Stability (get 95 ping on average) I need for those things (no better connections available). However the 3G connection get's dialed back sometimes or I have I slow connection that day (wether and all). Everything still runs fine indivisually (still have 95 ping and is still stable) under these circumstances, but if anything else pulls at my bandwith during that time it drops me. Sometimes during normal use I get dropped cause of backround use to.

So I need somthing to disable all the unessasary internet for smoother runnings while using certin programs. Thoughts?

Your ping times are not due to your computer or stuff running on it. High ping times between your router and the destination, can be caused by bad or overloaded routers, switches, connections through those devices, the server that you are trying to connect to can also have issues on either it or the network that it is connected to.

The best thing is to run a few trace routes to find out if it is a issue with your ISP, or a hop between your ISP and the destination. Then send that information to a tech with your ISP, so they can work with you and the party that is showing the problems. It is also good to check on your ISP forum, or either their own hosted forum, or maybe over at dslreports.com, if they have a forum over there, to see if others are having the same issue.

It does help to know how you are connecting to your router, the manufacturer & model of your router & modem, and also post three trace routes to the following sites: yahoo.com, google.com, bleepingcomputer.com, dslreports.com, and then your local university or college in your town, and the local school district. Using all of the information from the trace routes, you can compare the hops to see if the problem is at the same hop, or a different hop.

There are only so many paths that the Internet runs across the country. When you look at the pattern, it looks like a Spoke & Hub pattern, such as how our airport infrastructure is set up here in North America.

How old is your cabling from the outside, I had poor ping and TV issues, my ISP installed new cabling from the box outside to my router it was like magic.


I'm connecting through my phones internet for the stuff I need good ping for. I'm using a 4 inch shielded cable through a USB 2.0 full speed port (the cable is in 100% working condition), it's also connected directly to the board to cut out any further interference. So I don't see how cable applies here.

As for the satellite I only use to download, it has one of the thickest highest quality cables I've seen, and is also less then 10 feet long from modem to dish for the least interference. I emphasize that I don't use it for either low ping or high stability requirements because satellite internet is the exact opposite of both. It has a ping of over 700 on average and a stability/speed test graph line that looks about as straight as a someone trying to draw a line while having a seizure.

My programs only seem to disconnect me when another program also is accessing the internet. The connection isn't lost but the extra load drains enough of the bandwidth to crash what I'm doing. So I need something that will act as a temporary firewall for all the stuff that's not important while I'm running those programs.

If you are using Satellite for Broadband, you will always see high ping times. As for disabling the firewall or Statefull Packet Inspection (SPI), on some of the gateways for Satellite, you are unable to disable.