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Greetings, all. While using AdwCleaner on a client's system, I had to uncheck many folder/file entries to allow their AVG Family Safety program to remain in place. Adw also listed many registry entries that it was going to remove, but with no identifying clues in the key names. How can I be sure I'm not going to cause a problem with the AVG program? (I decided not to let Adw finish for now, until I know it will not damage the AVG installation.)

I know that I can back up the registry first (and I will of course) but should I just uncheck all these unidentifiable entries and let Adw do its thing?

Thanks for any input!

AdwCleaner will search for and remove many potentially unwanted programs (PUPs), adware, toolbars, browser hijackers , browser extensions, add-ons/plug-ins, browser helper objects (BHOs) and other junkware to include related registry entries (values, keys). AdwCleaner will remove all traces of these types of programs which includes related services, registry entries (values, keys), files, folders and potentially unwanted extensions.

When first run AdwCleaner includes options under the tabs to show what was found and to allow disabling detections you want to keep since not all detections are necessarily bad. AdwCleaner will clean Chrome and Firefox extensions and Add-ons. If you find a false positive, you can uncheck elements in both Chrome and Firefox sections. In some cases AdwCleaner may detect items related to legitimate programs.

I can post a note for the developer but you most likely will receive a quicker reply if you ask yourself.

You can ask the developer (Xplode) a question, report an issue or suggestion at his home site: AdwCleaner Feedback <- there is a drop down menu at the top right to "Select language" (English)

Thanks. I'll send Xplode my question. It's just that it's difficult to tell which registry entries listed are related to the AVG Family Safety software.

Thanks again.


You're welcome.