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I have Win 7 OS with Microsoft Essentials but it hasn't detected anything for the 2 or 3 years that Ive had it installed? It updates every day but when I check history there is never anything in quarantine or anywhere else for that matter. I can remember now that it did pick up a few things when it was first installed but nothing since? I update the ME app regularly from filehippo so its not out of date,is this normal or would there be something wrong?

microsoft security essentials is not a very effective antivirus, it works in some cases but it is the baseline against which all other antivirus programs are compared. It is included in windows 8 as a built in antivirus andf is not hugley effective on windows 8, it is less effective on oldr windows versions. Maybe you have been very lucky and never been infected, or mayeb you are infected but it can't spot the infection, I would try a second opinions scan. Use malwarebytes free scanner or eset online scanner, both are effective tools for checking for infections. Make sure to operate them in the "prompt for acton on detection" mode rather than on the "automatically disinfect or delete" mode as using the second mode increases risk of false positives. Then once you have used one (or both) of those scanners, if your system is clean install a better antivirus (avg and avast offer free ones, there are some other free options as well and many paid options), if it is infected start a thread in "virus removal logs" section of this forum and then once someone here has helped you disinfect you should then install a better antivirus. Also something sounds wrong with your method of updating, why can't you update the normal way?

I have ESET NOD32 on two machines and avast! free on another. None of them have detected anything in years either. Does that mean they are not any good...of course not. You may be using best practices for Safe Computing and have safe surfing habits.

In most cases it is going to be your anti-malware tools which detects a lot more threats or potential threats such as PUPs and adware.

Anti-virus programs generally scan for infectious malware which includes viruses, worms, Trojans, rootkis and bots.

Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) (Adware), Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUAs) and Potentially Unsafe Applications do not fall into any of those categories and that is the primary reason some anti-virus programs do not detect or remove them.

MSE can be updated through the program's GUI or by manually downloading the defintions from Microsoft Protection Center or a third-party hosting site. Other anti-virus vendors also allow for manually downloading and updating their products.

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If you are not sure that your antivirus is working, you can use the EICAR test file.

Download it from here: http://www.eicar.org/85-0-Download.html

Your antivirus should detect and remove it.

Do not worry, the EICAR test file is not malware.

There is also another test called the spycar test file, it is the one which malwarebhtes will detect. It can be downloaded in a zip file, the zip file contains some exe files, each of them is a simulated "virus", malwarebytes will detect it if it is working, other antiviruses should also. You needn't even unzip the file. It can be downloaded by following a link from somewhere on malwarebytes's site. malwarebytes will detect this as being a test fle and recognise it, other antiviruses might treat it as a real infection, they will just delete the zip file no harm done. quietman might know the address of this page.

I know the spycar test file, but I'm not sure MSE will detect it. But I know MSE detects EICAR.