View Full Version : Free AVG Problems

Hi My father runs the free version of AVG on his laptop which is running Windows 7 and has a number of issues.

1. The AVG is curretnly showing as off. When you try to activate it nothing happens - the button does not change nor are any error messages thrown up.

2. He is not able to uninstall the AVG from the uninstall option on the control panel - again when the uninstall option is pressed nothing happens.

3. He is not able to download the new free AVG from the website as it says he is running it already.

Caught in a bit of a loop and I am concerned he is very open to viruses etc. Also to my knowledge he has never scanned for malware - what is best option for this.

In addition whenever he installs updates from MS he has issues restarting his laptop afterwards it seems to cause problems for AVG and he has been advise by my borther in the past to restore the machine to an earlier point which clears the problem but I am not sure if he is up to date on MS updates or if this has caused the bigger problem with AVG.

Is this a known problem?