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hello all im new to this forum..i just recently spent 700$ on a Dell desktop and it come with mcafee live safe..i called and spoke with DELL if this service will keep my computer from getting infected as long as i dont do dumb stuff and DL links that are fishy etcetc..i will just be useing this for home use,basic web surfing,facebook, and research so what would u guys recommend for a internet security suite? thanks all

And what did DELL reply?Do you have Subscription for this life safe or it is trial?

they told me they rec mcafee but im always skeptical about beleiveing everthing a saler will say..i have a 30 day subscription that come with this desktop and all the reviews i have read give conflitching info..some has mcafee 2015 live safe as #1 and other at #10..i just want something that will protect me from getting anything on this system..i know common sense is the biggest part of getting a virus and i never DL nothing without double and triple checking reviews..i am gonna buy the malwarebytes paid version as well to run along side of whatever internet security suite i choose

ya i had norton before was a resource hog so didnt renew that..i also had webroot which was actually pretty good and very light on resources but lacks anti spam and i cannot stand to be spammed,been reading great things about bitdefender only thing bad is it takes up 1gb of space and i dont want a sluggish machince anymore after years of hitting enter and watching that dang circle go round and round..im running windows 8.1,i5,3.20 Ghz so speed isnt a issue now that i got this new device..i will test out this trail of mcafee and then also do a trail of eset and Emsisoft per ur advice..i have never heard of the emsisoft until u just posted me it..thanks for ur opinion on this matter as its really important to me to keep this new computer running fast,safe and clean of malware

If any others can chime in about any experieces with mcafee i would love to hear it

Many OEM manufacturers provide trial versions of anti-virus programs preinstalled on computers as part of their software package. It is not uncommon for a computer manufacturer to partner or enter into an agreement with a well known anti-virus vendor to include their product as part of a marketing strategy for generating revenue. Computer advertisements that say they include anti-virus protection is a selling point for many buyers. When the trial period expires, the user will have to either remove the software or purchase the full version in order to keep using the anti-virus software. Since most folks know very little about computer security and anti-virus software, many tend to keep whatever came with their system when they first purchased it. Thus, the anti-virus vendor recaps the cost of providing the trial version for free.

As a preinstalled product...this also means the anti-virus software most likely will be included on your factory recovery disks. If you ever reformat using the vendor's recovery disks, the anti-virus will be reinstalled as part of the default software that came with your computer.

Although McAfee is as good as any other well known anti-virus program, it requires numerous services and running processes that consume a lot of system resources and often results in complaints of high CPU usage. Anti-virus software components insert themselves deep into the operating systems core where they install kernel mode drivers that load at boot-up and create files/folders/registry entries in various locations. If you do a Google Search you will find there have been numerous complaints about it affecting system performance.

Further McAfee products, like Symantec, are becoming difficult to remove and remnants are often left behind which require the use of a special removal tool, otherwise you may encounter problems installing a replacement anti-virus. To be fair, other vendors are also using removal tools for the same reason. Those issues plus the cost factor are the primary reason many folks look for a free alternative. IMO, McAfee is better utilized in an Enterprise system environment protecting many client computers.

When I bought my Dell, a little over a year ago, it came with a one year subscription of McAfee LiveSafe pre-installed. As Quietman 7 pointed out, LiveSafe had numerous processes(6 as I recall) running at all times. More right after computer boots, consequently increasing boot times. It has more related services running that aren't readily apparent when viewing the Task Manager.

I've had one BSOD on this Dell in that 'little over a year' time frame. It was caused by one of McAfee's periodic minor program upgrades that didn't clean up after itself properly.

And it truly is a chore to un-install it cleanly and properly. There are some steps that should to be taken that aren't mentioned in their un-install guide. At least I didn't see them.