View Full Version : Is There Any Virus Removal Tools That Work?

I have the incredibly annoying Shopper Pro virus. However, Malwarebytes has somehow made itself even more annoying by not finding it and removing it - but when I start Firefox it comes up saying it's blocking ShopperPro. If it's blocking it, why can't it remove it?

Anway, how do I remove this virus? I've tried SuperAntiSpyware, Windows Defender whatever that is, ADWCleaner and Malwarebytes. None of which have removed the virus.

Today, Firefox has started randomly shutting down. It's usually one page full of tabs I was using, for no particular reason. It hasn't crashed, and I get no warning that's about to close the tabs so I guess that's the virus fecking about. Why a virus would do that I have no fecking clue.


Good read here: hxxp://malwaretips.com/blogs/shopperpro-virus-removal/

Although we do have an excellent virus removal crew here. Cheers.

start by resetting your web browsers to default