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hey guys i have been reading alot on here but i may have over looked it..what i need to know is on the settings of maywarebytes it has a option that says to "enable self-protection module" and then another right under that,that says "enable self-protectionearly start"..i have no ideal if these 2 boxes should be enabled or disabled..thanks in advance

Both of those options should be enabled. The "enable self-protection module" is designed to detect and prevent an infection or hacker from altering the program, its folder(s) and so on. Additionally, the "enable self-protection early start" activates the "enable self-protection module" in the initial start up of the computer.

Here is a link to view the terms and definitions according to Malwarebytes... MBAM Settings Info

Amen. I agree. MBAM has lots of 'inbuilt cleverness'....enable them both to take advantage of it.

thanks alot guys..so glad i found this website u guys have already helped me save money just from the knowledge u all have past me down..i only found this site today but been pouring over the anti malware and virus sections

Amen, indeed. Cheers, man.

Checking the Enable self-protection module box introduces a delay as that module is enabled. Since the delay may be considered undesirable by some users it is not enabled by default. When checking the Enable self-protection early start box, the self-protection module will become enabled earlier in the computer's boot process. Doing this changes the order of Windows Services and drivers associated with the computer's startup. Again this too may be considered undesirable some users (especially advanced users) so it too is not enabled by default.

Many advanced users prefer to tweak (trim down) services using Black Viper's Windows Service Configurations. A service loads at startup and runs transparently in the background to support other programs without user interaction. A driver runs similar to a service but it manages the interface between the OS and hardware (including virtual hardware). Services and drivers both have a registry component and a software component. The registry consolidates all the information needed to define and run the hardware and software, for multiple users, including services, drivers, and all other processes, and keep that info in a consolidates series of files in a central location. If you have a typical installation, many services are configured as "automatic" which means they will start automatically when Windows starts or when the service is called for the first time. This can cause a lag in system startup which some consider undesirable performance.

If a service is configured as "manual," that means the user must start the service manually before it can be loaded by the operating system and made available for use. If a service is configured as "disabled," it cannot be started automatically or manually. Tweaking services to disable or manually start is a method used by advance users to help fine-tune and optimize system performance. Further, Malwarebytes' configuration can sometimes conflict with services used by other real-time protection software such as your anti-virus. Thus, checking these Advanced options in Malwarebytes is not something everyone wants to do. In some cases you may need to experiment with these options to determine how well they will work with your system.