View Full Version : Chrome Issues including typing lag and checkerboarding

Around 5 months ago, I purchased a new laptop (lenovo yoga 2 pro). The laptop has been great overall minus some scaling issues. It's snappy and everything. However, in the past 3 months I've experienced some serious slowness with the Chrome browser

1. Often times when i type into the address bar, the characters come out slow and laggy

2. Opening new tabs can lag as well

3. When i scroll down pages I often see the checkboarding effect. I imagine this is a placeholder while Chrome loads the rest of the content, but my internet speed is fast enough that it shouldn't be doing this.

4. Youtube works fine, but any other video site (apple trailers for example) lags as well. When videos play the actual video is sort of in slow motion while the audio plays at the normal rate.

5. Google maps is the slowest I've ever seen it. It takes forever to zoom in or do anything.

I've run virus and malware scans (spybot, malwarebytes, SAS) but nothings coming up. I've also noticed similiar issues in Firefox as well.

I've also reinstalled Chrome a few times, but to no effect. This is kind of frustrating and I don't want to reimage my computer yet.

Any suggestions?

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