View Full Version : Lots of Problems..?

Well, basically ever since I got this stupid computer, I've been having problems with the internet. Sometimes, complete webpages will not open up (refreshing them does nothing, it loads for a little bit and then stops with the page still fully unloaded). Other times, the website will load, but only the bottom part will (?) the actual article or body of the website is completely missing. On Gmail specifically, it's very hard to get anything done as the webpage will stop responding. It's always Gmail too, every time I get on it on Internet Explorer it does this. Sometimes videos on Youtube will not play, it shows a black screen and nothing else. Sometimes links on google will not open up. Also, on this website, I will sign in but as soon as I click on forums, it tells me I don't have access because I'm signed out (which I'm not)! I mean, this is a brand new computer (I only got it in August) it shouldn't have problems like this!! But I don't even know where to start.
Help would be greatly appreciated.