View Full Version : Firefox very slow. Is it the netbook or the browser??

After reading other threads I decided it was warrented to post my own following the how to of other threads (such as using Speccy (http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/323892/publish-a-snapshot-using-speccy/)).


As for Firefox it says it is 23.0.1 (I have to do a restart after this and it will update).

I have the following addons installed and active (was trying to keep my mom safe while she was on this computer before she got her own):

Adblock Plus 2.4 (because she can never tell the difference between ads and things she is meant to click on)


WOT 20130515

Toolbar Buttons 1.0 (to make more room so that she can have as much viewing space on this tiny 10" netbook)

E-Web Print 1.17.00 (because she loves to print recipes but doesn't want everything with it .. just the recipe).

BitDefender QuickScan

Dr. web Anti-virus link checker 3.2.3

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What is your question?

Firefox very slow. Is it the netbook or the browser??(Copied from the subject). How can I find out which is causing the slowness?

Is it only slow when you are online?

If it is only slow loading pages try the suggestion at this website (http://www.wikihow.com/Make-Firefox-Load-Pages-Faster).

Using a different browser...should provide more focus on where the problems may lie.


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Sorry to Necro / Raise from the dead my old own thread but it has been awhile since I have been on my netbook. Now I am back on it now that my main computer stopped working. Anyway I think I found out it is not the browser but the netbook.

It is amazingly slow. I found out more about what is in this thing:

Intel Aspire ONE
CPU: Intel® Atom™ CPU N270 @ 1.60GHz
RAM: 1.0 GB
Video Card: Intel® GMA 950
HDD free space: 56.2 GB out of 111Gb total Harddrive space capacity
OS: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 3 (build 2600)

Try disabling addons (extensions) one at a time, when you get the right one, you'll know.

However, Adblock Plus, NoScript & WOT doesn't slow Firefox. I have them all & it's very fast.

One thing that I do notice, is that you have only 1GB of RAM. If you can upgrade that to at least 2GB, that would help a lot. Download & run the Crucial Memory Advisor to see how much RAM your computer can hold. I notice that's there's only one RAM slot, there should be a 2GB or 4GB stick for your computer. 4GB would be best, if the computer supports it, the scanner I linked above will state this, what your options are. Go for the max it'll support for best results.


Also your L2 cache is only 512KBytes, this greatly limits system speed. Plus you have AVG Internet Security (Firewall included). It's inadvisable to have both AVG & MSE running at the same time. There's no browser that will be responsive, given your computer specs, plus two active security apps installed & active. And AVG 2011 is way behind the times. However if you insist on running it, then open MSE & in the settings, uncheck "Use This Program" & OK. That should disable it.

This should be a good beginning to work with.