View Full Version : Best Cloud Storage for Medium Sized Business?

Can anyone suggest alternatives to Dropbox for cloud storage? I need something that can hold up to 1 TB of data, which 15+ employees can easily access and manage on their own. Are solutions like BitTorrent Sync secure enough to trust company data with? My only beef with Dropbox is $$$$$!

how about Box, Sugarsync and Gdrive?

BitTorrent sync is not cloud storage; it is the opposite. It is peer-to-peer syncing without cloud.

That said, depending on what you need I would look at Box and Cubby (owned by LogMeIn) as both services position themselves for the business market. SugarSync would not be a bad option either.

I find for my use on a Mac (I have about 10GB of stuff and am running the Box sync client on Mountain Lion) that Box isn’t all that great at detecting changed files. I have a bunch of files badged orange in my share directory yet the menu bar icon says everything is up to date. Adn the change log is so short that it’s pretty much useless.