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I rooted the phone. I thought now I would get an uninstall button against the stock apps, or pre-installed apps under Application Management, but I don't see that. So, I guess that's not how it works.

I searched, and one method is to go to System --> app/apps and delete the apk file for that app. Is that all?

Another method is via Titanium Backup. I have installed Titanium Backup, but with all those options, it looks a bit complex to me right now, and I think I will have to read up more on it. Also, I guess it does not have any option to uninstall individual apps? I mean, from what I saw, I think we have to create filters, and then run the actions. Well, I will have to read up more on it.

Will also have to read on what to backup, and how to use Titanium Backup. Lots of options in there. Does not look straight-forward as yet.

Also saw some other apps like Root Uninstall, Root Explorer, etc, which can be used to uninstall apps too. Are they good enough, or any better than the above two methods?

I understand your reservations about removing pre-installed apps. I worry about one app depending on another app, so I'm taking it slow and reading up on it.

You can learn a lot using the official Titanium Backup KB.

If you want to back-up and restore individual apps just hit the tab in the middle labeled "Backup/Restore". That will show a list of all the apps installed on your phone. Just perfomr a quick tap on any of them to see the available backup/restore options. If you tap and hold on a listed app for long you'll see a different set of options (the advanced ones) which are somewhat complex and you don't want to mess with them unless you know what (and why) you're doing it.

The videos below should prove helpful too.

Titanium Backup How-To:

How to remove bloatware:

Personally, I'd stick to TitaniumBackup. It is the best app backup tool and it is also very powerful once you get to know how to use it. http://www.techsupportalert.com/freeware-forum/images/smilies/smile.gif

Thanks a lot for the links IO.Hazard, will read up. Yes, presently, the options look all complicated to me. Will have to spend a bit of time reading about it.

I thought it would be simple to uninstall a pre-installed app, but it isn't. Although, the apk can be deleted from System --> app... but I don't know if deleting just one file would be enough. For example, in case of Aldiko e-book Reader... suppose if I delete the apk, will the system remove files associated with it automatically, or uninstall it on its own? Because there must be some files somewhere else on the system like its database, or the e-books that I downloaded. Must be stored somewhere else.

Similarly for other apps.

an easy way is just to rename the file to .bak (like NAME.apk.bak) in the system/apps folder. Restart the phone (most likely not even needed). Once it is renamed, it goes away from the app drawer. It still takes up space but if you are only looking to see if it doesn't affect anything then it's fine.

Once you decide to remove it, either copy .bak to sd card for backup, or rename it to .apk, backup with titanium backup then uninstall it from there

edit: the settings files are stored in another folder (like the appdata folder on windows). this can be any place depending on app, most of the time it's in a /data folder either under system/data or just root/data.

here's a list of apps that android requires, its for cyanogen but you can filter out what you have on your phone by seeing if you have the file or not.http://wiki.cyanogenmod.org/w/Barebones

OK, I just tapped on the app name in Backup/Restore in Titanium Backup, and I see the Uninstall button http://www.techsupportalert.com/freeware-forum/images/smilies/biggrin.gif. I had not gone there before...LOL. So, is it as easy as pressing that Uninstall button? Will it remove the app and all its associated files?