View Full Version : who do you give your money to for digital content-Amazon, Google, or Apple

my house for the most part has all apple devices except for an apple tv (we have a roku instead and most recently a chromecast as a splurge buy) but that isn't too big of a problem as I can easily buy one. Recently I became a cord cutter and am trying to decide whom to give my money to for tv shows- Apple itunes, Google Play, Vudu or Amazon Video. After comparing them, Vudu is out because the shows take too long to post the next day (i'm impatient) and I have decide I don't want to use itunes or Amazon because even though I have all Apple devices, I don't like the idea of being locked in as I could go Android at a moments notice and neither have apps for a Nexus device although I am open to Amazon because they are still almost on every tv platform. What is your take on using google play for tv shows with a chromecast in an all apple household, what do you all use for your tv show content?

The only thing I don’t like about google play and chormecast is I feel it is too much work. I want my family to be able to pick up a show and select the program like TV which Apple TV/Roku does. Chormecast makes you use your smartphone. Problem would be solved if Google Play was an app on the roku.

Apple. I primarily use Apple devices, and if you stay in their ecosystem there are very few issues. If I had to choose a second, it would probably be Amazon. I’m not the biggest fan of being locked in to a single service, but I also don’t like the idea of having to coordinate a ton of online accounts, especially if they have my financial info. I also get the feeling that Google would be more likely to shut down their media services if they felt they weren’t quite up to par. Apple are far more reliant on the idea of iTunes than Amazon are on media streaming and Google are on Google Play.

I bought a lot of stuff from iTunes in the past (mainly Audiobooks) but I won’t be doing that again as the DRM is too much of the pain in the arse.

At the moment I rent music from Spotify and buy books from Amazon – while I guess there is DRM involved here too it doesn’t matter so much to me as at least they support all the platforms I use.