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With my current internet package I pay .28 per GB. Arkham Knight is 50 GB, that means it's an extra $14.00 on top of the $69.99 CAD for the game. I think the better choice is to buy discs. What is your cost for the new Batman game?

Why are you using a metered connection for anything other than a phone? My internet is $10 monthly.

The plan is $70 per month for 250 GB. So 70/250=.28. All plans in Edmonton Canada are capped. The largest is 800GB@$120 per month. While I have never been charged overages, the cap is in the contract. How much do you pay for your internet? My download speed is 30 and up of 2.5.

So you pay your $70 no matter what.
It is sensible then to use as close to that 250gigs every month.

yes it is sensible. Netflix at a 3 hours a day is 207 GB a month. Then add a game for 50GB and I’ve hit the limit. well sorta, I can go over but run the risk of extra charges. what’s your plan?

I take it you haven’t bought a game for a while. Even with a disc patches are going to be a significant download.
Also do you distribute on Blueray (which is not particularly common) or DVD (which is quite frankly useless for most modern games)?
E. I have an uncapped plan – only ADSL speeds but fibre won’t be any more expensive when it is available.