View Full Version : Weird issue when clicking links in firefox?

it seems to happen totally at random 9somtimes several times in a row, sometimes it'll go hours without happening) so it's very hard to test what's causing it, but sometimes when I click a link in firefox, either in a webpage or on my toolbar, sometimes even when hitting refresh, doesn't matter, the tab at the top of the page I'm in will say 'connecting', only to abruptly stop, the page I'm on doesn't change or refresh or anything, like it forgot what it was about to do or something.

I've taken it up with the firefox support forum, managed to rule out any plugins or firewall causing it, they seem to think my antivirus might be involved somehow, took it up with the avast forums and they're as confused as I am. Can't find a single other person who has this issue.

'Open new windows in new tabs', 'warn me when closing multiple tabs', 'don't load tabs until selected', and 'warn me when opening multiple tabs might slow down firefox' all checked

'When I open a link in a new tab, switch to it immediately' and 'Show tab previews in the Windows taskbar' both unchecked

ok....that blows that theory away....

when you say ..or on my toolbar....which toolbar is this ..?.....does it make any difference if you disable/remove it ?

the tab at the top of the page I'm in will say 'connecting', ..........does this mean that firefox is attempting to open the 'link' in the same tab you already have open..?....when in fact it should be opening a completely new tab for it ?

eg. if you click on THIS (http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/575540/what-is-yimgcom/) link, it should open it in a new tab, and go straight to that tab.........it should not open on this page which you are reading now...

i am just making sure we are talking about the same thing here....

No no, it is suppose to be opening the link in the same tab I'm in, but doesn't. The tab I'm on will say 'connecting' at the top, but suddenly stop.

It doesn't seem to be a problem for links that open in new tabs, they always load fine.

Like.. to clarify, the tab I'm CURRENTLY on will do this
But then stop, leaving me on the page i was already on and not taking me to the link I clicked. Happens totally at random.