View Full Version : Where are the users located in winserver 2003 and 2008? (NO AD)

Hey everyone. So I am helping out a local office here in town and they have 2 separate servers. One is running 2008 and the other is 2003. I am still not quite sure why they are running two separate versions yet but I am slowly finding out over time.
So the majority of the users log on to the domain. The domain is called DNSParts. There is a few separate accounts that each users logs into; there's kyle, dnparts1, dnparts2, and david. Now when I go into the DNSParts server I noticed that AD was not installed. So I went into computer managment and went into the Groups and Local users (i think that was what it was called) and none of the users mentioned before are there. There is like "sys2kemail, administrator," and other admin type accounts. I am not there at the moment so I can't remember precisely (should have taken notes) but I am pretty confused about this. If you go into computer management > shared folders > sessions then there is a tab called "users" and you can see all the users I am looking for but you can't modify anything. You can only end the session.
Can anyone help me out with this? I am trying to give each user permission to take ownership of the hosts file so I can modify the hosts file and block websites.

**EDIT, I am not sure if AD is not installed or if for some odd reason it is hidden***

If Active Directory were installed on any of the servers, it would be fairly obvious. Open up Server Manager and see what roles are installed. And if you go to the Start menus and click on it, are any of the AD snapins like Users and Computers installed?

Also, if there forest functional level is set to 2003, they can have a mixture of 2003 and 2008 servers running in it.

If AD isn't installed on either server, they may be using something else to manage their user accounts. Or Active Directory is installed on a server you're not aware of. You may want to ask them what they are using for user account management.

I did ask them and they had an i.t. before who came, jacked everything up, and left.
What else could be used to manage user accounts? Is there an alternate mmc snap in???

They might be using something else like a Samba server. If there is no mmc snap-in for AD Users and Computers available, then they aren't using AD.

First, check to see if it's set up as a domain. Go to one of the work station and click on the network icon in the toolbar. If it's a domain, it will state the name of the domain. Or hold down the Windows and the Pause|Break keys simultaneously -- the system info page will tell if it's a domain, a workgroup, or something else. If it's a domain, ask where the domain controller is located or at least what the fully qualified domain name is.