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What do you guys think about this information from cheesemakers-linux corner link http://www.itworld.com/article/2917944/web-browsers/5-ways-to-turn-chrome-into-a-screamingly-fast-browser.html - I would like to implement most of what I see here, although I am not aware of any possible implications.
Like how much RAM should be used, don't know if I should change that with just 4gb. I don't do much heavy duty work with pc so guessing that I could change this unless using a Virtual Machine or something similar?

A couple of things in particular would be to disable some of these until needed?:

1. GPU Process - I'm guessing this is the window that is shown below being open or just running always?
2. Shockwave Flash
3. Broker: Shockwave Flash
I want the Xmarks, Adblock, and Avast running but unsure about the two Shockwave Flash Extensions. I'm guessing these are the ones that I would turn off until needed.


Most of this seems quite harmless and easily reversible if recorded would that be right?

Thanks in advance! pcpunk

All of the ways to speed it up seems fine, except for maybe giving it more RAM. That all depends on how much RAM you have and if you want to give it more. If you make it so most extensions don't run all the time, then the default RAM should be efficient. Again, if you have a substantial amount of RAM and you don't care that chrome can use half a gig, then why not.

I actually hate that Chrome always has the extensions running all the time, drives me nuts. I didn't know that you can change that, I need to do that when I get home...

Disabling plugins in a browser is always a good idea, for those plugns you use then chrome's "click to play" and firefox's "ask to activate" option should be used for these plugins. Disabling unused plugins and making others manually launched will help with security against exploits as well. I remember the first time I learnt to do that in chrome, I had a really slow mobile broaband connection at the time, page loading times went from 3 minutes to 20 seconds, all because un-necessary flash stuff was no longer slowing my connection and computer. In chrome plugins used to be literally "click to play", now you have to right click and select the "run plugin" option that appears on the little list, but it's still a good way to make browsing quicker and more efficient (if you use any kind of "pay per megabyte" connection it'll be cheaper too).

Just to mention shouldn't this thread be under the browsers in general section rather than specific to one operating system?

I use WOT personally. There isn't much point to them on Linux in my opinion though. Most web based attacks are going to be biased towards Windows vulnerabilities (they will be based towards the browser as well sure, but if they want access to your system it will be windows based).
The thing I use WOT for is to make see if a site is fishy as far as if I am purchasing something from them. But even then I don't use it much for that since I purchase mostly everything on Amazon anyway.

Use common sense when browsing the web, don't visit a weird looking sites, and don't click on adds. You'll be fine.

No harm in using them though.

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