View Full Version : Good Android Apps that aren't on the iPhone?

I recently bought an HTC One to replace my iPhone 4 and have been downloading apps that I've already have on my iPhone, so that the transition would be smoother. I've heard of many good things that you can do on Android that would not be possible on the iPhone, so I am looking for recommendations of apps that enhance my phone's experience. What are your suggestions for good Android apps?

Launchers and keyboards are the first things that come to mind.

But what do use your phone for the most? We could help you more if we had an idea about your usage.

A good app is Llama or Tasker. I had my Llama profile set up to lower volume and turn on 4G at work. Then it would raise volume and turn on wifi at home. It goes pretty far in depth and helps automate your phone settings.

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