View Full Version : Article says Android better than iOS

Here is a detailed article (http://paulstamatiou.com/android-is-better) where the author gives his case for why Android is better than iOS.

Vic, Enjoyed reading that. Thanks for the link.
Better to light a candle ... than to curse the darkness.

I was able to get a Android smart phone, Root it, Partition the SD card and use Link2SD to free up enough space to run many many apps and games within a week. To be fair I never dealt with the iOS platform and I'm sure its quality but my experience with Linux made it a no brainer to go with Android.

iOS is fated to shrivel up. I'm happy for competition, but, the PC market has proven that an OS is a natural monopoly, and that the monopoly goes to the hardware agnostic OS. We also know this by the current mobile OS trend.

It's odd, I love android for different reasons. Namely I like to tweak :S I don't care to be tied to the phone so notifications/Google Now (how he uses it for the card updates), I could care less for. I'll look up what I want, not when the phone thinks I want it. If I'm not responsible enough to be on time to a meeting and plan ahead for traffic, I doubt a phone would make the meeting successful even if I do get there on time.

I use both android and iOS. Just find iOS more slick to use…so tend to use that more often than android.

Though I will admit using android on a 20 inch tv (also used on a tablet) can be fun.
(Though I dare say iOS would be too ..if that was an option.)

In reading the article I wondered if we were really comparing operating systems or apps. I tend to use apps or software available across multi platforms if poss. (Cuts down on required learning.)