View Full Version : Fake BlackBerry Messenger app on Google Play Store fools Android users

When BlackBerry announced they were making BBM crossplatform, a good number of commenters dismissed it, saying the move was too late. Some even said it's suicide.

And yet... CNET claims a fake BBM app on the Play Store managed to fool more than a hundred thousand Android users into downloading it before it got pulled by Google.

It might just be curiosity but >100K downloads in a few hours is somewhat impressive for a "DOA" app.

Even more curious for me is how did it enter the Play Store? Did Google not test the app before putting it into the store?

LOL at the CNET commenters who managed to deny there was a problem and to bash Apple in the same breath. On a more personal note, this only serves to reinforce my love for walled gardens. How did these people not know this app was fake?! It seems like there was a lack if common sense. First of all, the developer made no official announcement of the app’s launch. Second, the company’s name isn’t RIM anymore. Finally, every one knows that apps launch on iOS first(kidding…mostly). :)

Sadly they dont. It would be better if they do to ensure higher quality