View Full Version : Google Maps Preview: Anyone in yet?

So, has anybody heard from they yet? I signed up for the preview as soon as it became available, havent heard from Google since...

Never mind, i`m in.

It looks pretty gorgeous but boy is it a ressource hog! Rendering those sweet vector maps got my CPU temps up to 95 C in a heartbeat. But zooming all the way out sure is worth it: the earth floating in space with real time day/night displayed → awesome!

I got it within hours of requesting it. I’m very happy with it, despite the pegman’s loss.

However, it is definitely not ready for primetime. Obvious cities are missing the 3D rendered views. The views that are available are not well done—Apple had a superior version of the same product at launch.

But my biggest concern is that in some places (from my experience, Shanghai), the map view is not aligned with the Earth view. I’ve grown used to the ability to switch from map to satellite view and have the underlying roads remain in place. This is still the case in the Toronto and other North American cities that I bothered to play with. However, in Shanghai, Beijing, et al, the map and earth views were displaced by about 1 km.

Yep, Im in. The maps are pretty darn good if I dont say so myself. The only downside is the speed its noticeably slower than the previous G-Maps, but I guess thats expected with a beta preview.

Also, for those you you who use Google Now, try input your home & work address into the maps. The personalisation it provides with recommendations is quite something.