View Full Version : Emacs, Vim, or Sublime Text 3?

I am looking to try and learn one editor really well for the future, and I wanted your opinions before I started learning. Ideally, if you have used more than one, I would like your opinion the most, but answering any question would be great.

First of all, I am going to be programming with whatever editor I choose, on OS X and Linux, and I know a decent amount of Common Lisp and Python.

I have heard Emacs uses a type of Lisp. Is it close to CLisp? Is it easy to get the Emacs environment to something comfortable? How are the keybindings?

Vim seems like it has less of a learning curve and is more lightweight, but it uses Vimscript, and doesn't have all the features of Emacs. How easy to learn is Vim? Are the key combos weird for Mac users?

Finally, I have already used ST2 for a while, and ST3 seems like a very minor update for $70. Obviously, Python can be used to control things, but is it as fast as Vim or Emacs?

Any feedback would be great, especially from programmers who use one.

I’m a big fan of Sublime Text and yeah, it’s not a big upgrade for $70 but it’s pretty solid. Never going to be as fast as Vim but it is really damn fast compared to other text editors I have used.

I like ST2, and ST3 just seems like a faster ST2 (I don’t have a problem with ST2 right now on an SSD) and Goto definition. That isn’t bad, but I don’t know if they are going to offer a free trial again. I can’t really see spending $70 without more features. The lack of ST2 updates worries me too. Will they update ST3 at all, or are they just going to wait a year and charge another $70.

When I was an undergrad I used emacs because I wrote a lot of LISP and the interactive interpreter mode was helpful.

When I graduated I used vi/vim because there is no way, absolutely no way, you can beat it for speed and daily utility.

Well, except now I use Sublime Text with vi command mode turned on. The majority of the commands I’m used to from vim all work, complete with edit, visual and insert modes. Sublime really is the way to go these days (on any platform). You don’t think that multiple cursors sounds like a very useful feature at first. You think it’s a gimmick or something. Then you use it for the first time in a real world situation and you wonder just how in the hell you got by for so long without it.

And since ST can emulate vi-style modes and commands, it’s just as useful for really rapid traversal and manipulation. ST’s vi-mode is a little different than true vi, but it’s very close and you adapt to the quirks very quickly.