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New here and sorry if I'm posting in the wrong area. I have the following bugs in Xubuntu 15.10 and am wondering if and when there are fixes and when/what they may be:

Pandora breaks Flash in Chrome, but only shortly after initial log on to Pandora. It won't happen the rest of the day and I don't recall it happeneing after system reboot, only first system start of the day and first log on to Pandora.

Drag and drop within Thunar crashes Thunar

Starting yesterday my sound crashes intermittently system wide and I have to reboot. This bug I could really live without. This makes me want to ask the question of the possibility of downgrading to 15.04 without having 15.04 installed before 15.10. This is assuming these same bugs aren't present in 15.04 ?

Please Help

having bugs with an early dev version is expected; and should not be used by users not able to find the issue's cause by glancing to the logs and then debug it before filling a report. Downgrading to 15.04 is not doable, forget about it.

Thanks for your response. Can you suggest a tutorial or documentation outlining what logs to look at and how to debug ? Although I've become quite adept at clean installs of Xubuntu, it's something I will do for a new user but for myself, I think it's time to go outside my comfort zone and learn more. I'm not a virtual-boxer or dual-booter, I'm a straight heavy user so I guess it's time to do some reading. For future reference, where would I file a report ? Please advise.

Does the apport-bug dialog come up when Thunar crashes?

Examine '/var/log/syslog, kern.log, dmesg' for starters. Also, anything in '/var/crash' ?

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When using the development version, which at the moment is for 15.10, I would advise also having a stable/released version such as 14.04 to use as a fall back OS should the development version become unusable. I keep all my data on a separate partition so that if I need to reinstall then I do not lose data and I can work from any installation I happen to have on the hard disk at that moment.

I have found the development version to be very stable and I use it every day for my daily work but if I want to experiment I put in another install of the development version and I mess around with that. I never need to think about downgrading to 15.04 because I can dual boot into 15.04 whenever I want and also to 14.04. I recommend having a similar set up.

As for reporting bugs, this link will explain it.


Good hunting

P.S. Keep in mind that on this section (Ubuntu Development Version) we use the development version, we discuss the development version and that includes bugs but that does not mean we know the answers. At least I usually do not. Things often get fixed over time through daily updates.