View Full Version : How to block ads on https sites OR make the site load as an http?

The title says it all! Basically, I've been using AdFender (which I believe was recommended by this site) and it was working great. However, it seems that certain sites (like google and youtube) will only load as an https now, even if I'm logged out of the account. AdFender doesn't work on https sites, so now I'm bombarded with commercials and banner ads on videos: It's absolutely terrible!

So, can anyone either:
1. Recommend an adblocker that works on https sites?
2. Tell me how to run sites that default to https as an http?

Thanks for your time!

ADDITIONAL INFO: I forgot to mention that I am using Windows 8.1 and have had this problem on both Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.

I don't know about AdFender. I've been using AdBlock for years and I think a lot of BC members use it.

Hello there,

1. I strongly recommend "Adblock plus" to stop all the annoying ads on Google and Youtube.
2. In regards to using "http" instead of "https", here's how:

Internet Explorer

In Internet Explorer, go to Tools then Internet Options.
Go to Security tab
Select Internet zone
Click on Custom level button under “Security level for this zone” section
Under the “Miscellaneous” section, locate Display mixed content setting, and select Enabled.
Click Yes when asked to confirm to change the settings for this zone.
Click OK to close the Internet Options dialog box.


In a new tab, type about:config in the address bar and press Enter. Click the button promising to be careful.
In the filter box, type or paste autofill
Double-click browser.urlbar.autoFill to toggle it from true to false.

For Chrome you can follow these simple steps: https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95572?hl=en-GB

I don't have an "http/https" problem with YouTube:


But I'm not signed into any google accounts.

Google's search page forces "https" as do many other sites.

And Adblock/Adblock Plus is a must.

the real reason one wants to block ads is to stop them attempting drivebys or doing that disgusting "your browser/java/flash/operating system/unneeded plugin is out of date, click here to download a virus that pretends to be an update fro something you might not have even had in the first place". noscript may help with that, it will block any ads that are more than simple text or pictures. i think it works on https sites, i have it in firefox for when i browse to sites which i expect to have pop ups.

Everyone, thanks for the quick feedback! I tried masterthemachines instructions with IE and Chrome, but google and youtube still loaded as https; However, it only took 5 seconds to get AdBlock Plus for Chrome and that did the trick!

I'm still curious whether it's possible to load these sites as http or not, but for now, I am satisfied.