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I am running a Windows 7 Home Premium OS, with Windows Live email. I generally use chrome as my browser. I use Cox internet service and through Cox have McAfee My computer started running very slowly. Task Manager shows 100% CPU usage and about 50% physical memory usage. I ran a scan using McAfee, which found nothing malicious. I used SpyHunter, which removed some adware but found nothing malicious. I printed out and followed the Malware Removal Guide and have run Malware Bytes, Kaspersky TDSSKiller, RKill, HitmanPro, AdwCleaner, Roguekiller, and Emsisoft. In addition, perhaps unrelated, my computer has been trying to download and install Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB2952664). I get Error details: Code 8024200D. I tried downloading and using the hotfix recommended to fix the error, but it did not work. It sure seems that something malicious is running but perhaps I've bungled something. Can you help?

Can you open your task manager and see which programs are using all of your CPU and RAM? The program "TrustedInstaller.exe" might be the cause if it's stuck on an update.

Go to Microsoft Support (https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/947821), under Solutions click on "For Windows 7" and download the Update Readiness Tool which is appropriate for your version of Windows 7. Specifically the 32-bit or 64-bit version.

I am trying to install the Windows "hotfix"/update readiness tool. Status window says "Updates are being installed". However, after the installation was initialized, it appears that all activity stopped. The screen says: "Installing Hotfix for Windows (KB947821) (update 1 of 1)... " and there is a very long status bar below the text. Although it has been at this screen for about 45 minutes, there appears to be no progress. Status bar has not turned even the tiniest bit green to indicate that anything is happening. How long should it take for this tool to be installed? Is there anything I should check or change to help it install?

Before I saw your post the hotfix, KB 947821, miraculously installed. I then shut down the computer and rebooted to make sure any changes had been made permanent. I then tried to install Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB2952664). The first time I tried it said the installation was unsuccessful due to an "unknown error." I followed the Microsoft troubleshooting suggestions without success. I tried again. Again the update window reported a failure, but my start menu indicated that software had been downloaded that required me to shut down and reboot, so I did that. Now Microsoft update says that "Windows is Up to Date" but when I check the update history it reports that installation of update KB 2952664 failed, Error details: Code 8024200D. That is the same error code that started me down the path of installing the hotfix in the first place.

When I checked system performance in task manager after completing the above I found that instead of a steady green line showing 100% of CPU Usage the line fluctuates between 7% and 100%.

Should I now follow the suggestions in your latest post?