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There are a few family movies on FB that were done on phones and since deleted, the only place to view them is on FB. Is there way to grab hem off of FB???

You mean you have old videos of yours on facebook where you lost the original copies and want to make copies to store on devices which are physically in your hands?

As far as I know facebook's videos play through some sort of flash player system, I don't know precisely what sort of system, I never use facebook but have known people who do.

I cannot imagine sites exist which let you download facebook videos in the way that sites exist for helping people with the download of youtube videos, one of the key reasons being that I expect the videos are private to the users who uploaded them (and any other particular user they choose to share with) so could not be accessed by such sites.

Perhaps the simplest way would be to use screen recording software. VLC, the popular media player program, has the ability to do this, but often VLC's screen recorded videos are video only, NO SOUND. So most likely you will need to find another screen recording tool. If the tool you end up with can only capture the whole screen (as in it doesn't have settings to only record a selected area of screen) then you will be able to do this to the finished video using video editing software of some kind. I would suspect your bet bet would be to enlarge the video you want to record as much as possible, then set your screen recorded to record at twice the frame rate which the video on facebook s playing at. This way you might be able to get similar qualiy, although any method of copying videos via screen recording will always lead to some kind of quality degradation.

Screen recording methods are the most reliable method of copying video, they will work for any video ever playing on a computer, but they are also the most inelegant, you will almost certainly end up with a lower quality file than the original which is mroe megabytes in size.

You should only use these techniques to copy videos which you own.

Our nice did the video of our aunts 90th birth day on her phone, she called to tell us to watch it my other half said to see if I could down load it. I'm going to say if you want to it go to FB!!!! I don't particularly like going there, I wen back the other day to look at it again. I did not even start the movie and my connection went full blast so I killed FB and all went quiet, I have not seen a connection light up like that kind of make you wonder.


If your cnnection is "lighting up" like that it's probably from adverts and other junk loading on the pages, if you use firefox with NoScript installed then you should be safe from these adverts (and not suffer the connection hogging they cause). That way you could go to FB, only allow the few scripts needed for the video, refuse all the other scripts, run the video in fullscreen, screen record it, and log out of FB. In future ask friends and relatives to distribute videos to you as just the avi (or mpg or mp4 or other format) file via email attachments.

There is a simply trick to download videos from Facebook, however, they will be low quality!

Here's how you do it:

1. Using Chrome, go to the page of the video you want, like https://www.facebook.com/bbcnews/videos/10152790117657217/?type=1&theater
2. Change "www." to "m.". It should look like this: https://m.facebook.com/bbcnews/videos/10152790117657217/?type=1&theater
3. Hit the "play" button
4. Rich click the video, choose "save video as..."
5. Video will be saved as mp4.

As I said, the video quality won't be that great (it's supposed to be for mobile devices, that's why you change www. to m.) and you must do this to every single video you wanna download.

However, it's easier and less time consuming than to record videos individually.