View Full Version : Sever Essential 2012 R2 - Protection s/w recommendation

Migrated a client from SBS 2003 to SE2012 R2. The business has <10 client Win 7 machines running security essentials. What anti virus/server protection s/w would you recommend for the server?

Consider it mandatory to purchase security software that also includes end point protection?

The business is not planning to go to Win 8 or newer versions anytime soon.

I would recommend either Eset Node 32, or WebRoot, or Bitdefender.
Each has a management interface to administer the client nodes.

Thanks for your response JohnnyJammer.

I wasn't sure about the need to go with a solution that includes end point protection since the win7 machines were protected with Security essentials.
Is there any added protection to go with a solution for the server that also includes endpoint management? If so, can you please elaborate or point to some article/document that explains the advantages.

Also, would on-premise be safer than a hosted solution?

Again, thanks for your pointers and appreciate you taking the time to respond.

Well it depends on what the client needs mate.
If you only have like < 10 machines then i woudl probably just buy 10 copies of Eset or what ever you like as i cant see the need for a mangement server for this.
You shoudl also always have a commercial AV solution instead of relying on MS Security essentials mate.
Im a strong believe of having AV on servers as well.

You can go with cloud solutions like Webroot but the problem with that is, there is no signature stored locally and you have to be connected to the net for it to do anything.
We have Webroot but i will be gettign Eset next time round i think because the scans on webroot are pathetic at best and so many false positives i lost count.

What ever you do just downt go down the Symantec/Norton road mate, you will kick your self if you do.

Trying out Kaspersky small office security3.

3 False positives and a handful of windows setting warnings but looks OK so far.

The one warning which I need to decide about is the service timeout being excessive. Anyone have experience with this? Should this be changed to 20 as recommended? Why is the windows default risky?

Kaspersky used to be one of the top 3 in my opinion but the last 2 to 3 years its become overly bloated and way to many false positives.
I was going to get this as well but did some research and contacted a few companies aroudn town we deal with and decided against it.