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I have been pondering on this for some time now.

Rooting a phone has the advantages like having more control over the phone, can remove pre-installed applications, can install apps like Titan Backup and take backup of system, etc.

What are the disadvantages to rooting? I know about the obvious risk of bricking the phone while rooting, but that's before rooting. I want to know about disadvantages once rooting has been done.

One would be I guess that maybe risk of getting a malware increases, because a malware can easily gain superuser access on a rooted phone.

I would like more information on rooting too. I don't even know what it is. I am buying a Kindle Fire HD and I believe that rooting may be something needed here too. I can Google things I know, but someone here probably has reliable and friendly information for those of us (me) who are ignorant on these things. I watch this thread with interest. http://www.techsupportalert.com/freeware-forum/images/smilies/smile.gif

I havent come across any disadvantages myself but it is the same as running SU in linux or admin in windows. Meaning it's more "open" to malware installs/info leaks. But if you are careful with what you download, trusted sites/etc, then there's not much problems. Pretty much the same as being on a computer and surfing

Something related is you could delete something you shouldn't and end up needing to reset phone, or risk bricking it (not too easy to do now if you follow all the guides)

You can download antivirus/permission apps/and apps won't be granted SU rights outright either unless you set it to.

Pretty much on my phone, I have it either prompt for all apps, setting a few to always allow that I trust. Or I run it always deny SU except for the ones I allow.

edit: I'm thinking about a kindle HD as well, well a nexus 7 but it doesn't do hdmi http://www.techsupportalert.com/freeware-forum/images/smilies/frown.gif so it's forcing me towards nexus 10 which has hdmi. But I'm holding out on the next version of a 7inch nexus with hdmi truthfully lol My goal is to run android to TV and stream hulu/netflix/amazon onto it. I can do it with my laptop right now but I might just pick up an android usb stick and leave that on TV, haven't decided really

edit:Even just root/remove junk/deny thereafter is nice too, then you'll never see root again until you want to. You can set a password on the SU app too, so it won't be changed without password

I'm afraid you might as well be talking Vulcan eyeb. I still don't know what rooting is. However, I DO know what HDMI is and that Kindle Fire HD has HDMI output.

hm, if you use linux... I'm not too familiar with it but root is like using the su or sudo command in linux.

Rooting in android is like getting access to the root directory of linux, since it's based on linux kernels, it behaves the same way

edit: i know kindle has hdmi, i was talking about nexus 7 not having it :S hence I'm looking at the 10 inch one or a newer nexus 7. The kindle fire hd would be something i might settle for if nothing comes along but I'm sure there will be

edit: and like in linux, if a program you install wants more permissions, it has to have you grant it. Android works the same so if you deny the superuser request on the app, it will act like it is on a non-rooted phone. Not saying there aren't things that could infect phone without root, but it would make no difference if you had root if it didn't need it

here's a picture of what a prompt looks like when something asks for permission