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Hi there,
As this is being posted in the consoles forum you can probably guess why I'm posting. My NAT has been labeled "strict" by Xbox live and refuses to let me connect to friends.

Previously I've been able to open it (There was an area of my computer I could specify the location I'd like the ports to be open on, but I can't find this location and it wasn't Windows Firewall). I have the Xbox set on IP Thus far I've tried forwarding my ports in my router (a Linksys WRT310Nv2-CC, firmware 2.0.11) and through Windows Firewall.

I have all the specified specific ports open (seemingly) on my router (As well as matching port ranges), I have the same ports open in Windows Firewall.

Yet on my xbox the ports aren't open.

I've tried simply disabling all firewalls (Also didn't help). Even bought Port Forward from the recommended site, which doesn't work on my computer due to "firewall issues" in an error 1001 (Despite all my firewalls being disabled at the time).

I should specify that these firewalls are Comodo with Windows firewall running when Comodo's is off, and MSE running in the background. I tried disabling the router's integrated firewall, also didn't help any of the above problems.

Does anyone have the faintest clue as to what I should try next? I've tried the old simple method of unplugging everything/replugging minutes later, and frankly all my ideas are dried out.

Firewalls ? Uninstall Comodo and try using with just the Windows firewall.

Try doing a reset (little red button on the router). That seems to fix mine when I start having strict NAT.

TNT, You should have also posted that doing the hard reset like that wipes out all security settings including Wireless keys, Username and Password for the router.

That will probably fix the problem, but with out changing the username and password and wireless key the router is wide open and unsecured.