View Full Version : Need Help with A Gateway 2000 P5-90 Not Recognizing Disc Drive

I recently bought a Gateway 2000 P5-90 preinstalled with MSDOS 6.22. After struggling with figuring out how to use DOS 6.22, I decided to give up and install windows 95 instead. After installing Windows 95 from CD, I noticed that my CD drive didn't show up under "Computer." Going back to the BIOS, I noticed it didn't show up there either. I've tried four different drives spanning a decade and not a single one of them will show up. I've three three different ribbon cables and all manner of jumper configs, some of which cause BIOS to not post at all. What should both jumpers be set to on the HDD and cd drive? They're each on separate channels and not sharing the same ribbon cable. I thought that meant both had to be set as masters, but this causes BIOS not to post.

Anyway, any suggestions on what I can do to remedy this problem? Let me know if any further info is needed. I can post pictures or provide whatever you need.

Put the CD drive on the same channel as the HDD and set it to Slave. If it still is not detected then I would have to assume the drive is bad. How much RAM is on this computer?

Thanks for the suggestion, but as I stated, I've tried four different drives and they all have the same result.

I will try it just the same and post back.

When you tried with different drives you set them as Slave on the same channel as the HDD? I remember having an old Gateway where I could never get anything to run on the secondary IDE channel. I could only use the primary channel and hook up a CD Rom as Slave.

I'll try it out. When I tested the drives I set them all as Master, then slave, then CS while on another channel. I'll try putting them on the same channel in slave. I do believe I tried it at some point, but the PC wouldn't post to bios, but I'll try it again.