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i put a couple movie torrents on a new seagate 1T. it worked fine at first and then suddenly the ps3 or the xbox will pick up the hard drive at all. every forum i read says i need to reformat from NFTS to FAT32. but when i try to format said hard drive it only gives me the option on exfat. and that doesnt work. im just trying to be able to watch movies through my ps3 or xbox360 again. it worked at at first so im at a lose. any help would be great

Download EaseUS partition manager (Google is your friend). Connect the drive to the computer before running. Open the software and select the drive. Select format. This may give you the option of FAT32. If it dosen't, just format to exFAT regularly, and then reconnect to the xbox. The xbox will detect it isn't formatted to the correct file structure and it will format the drive itself to be compatible. Then connect to the PC and torrent your stuff. Hopefully this helps. If not, sorry I couldn't assist.