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Hey, friend i want to know how to mange properly Windows Server.
can any one help me

Specifically what do you want to know?

I would suggest you start with buying a book on the server version you are working with and reading it. Its a very good start to understanding how to maintain complex systems.

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Use VMware it's amazing for experimenting. Create a DC and maybe 3 clients learn how to set up DHCP scopes, Active Directory, DNS and everything else on the D

I actually just set that up on Saturday with win server 2008.
I am learning a bit about the Server but I, along with this fellow who started the post, would like some pointers.
First of all, What is DC???
Second, If i set up DHCP scopes on my VM Server 2008, am I going to mess anything up on my REAL network.
and by scopes you mean like -, right? like that would be the addresses DHCP has available to assign addresses to devices, correct?

Dc = Domain Controllers which are used to create object containers such as users/computers etc etc.

No DHCP scope will effect your host computer.
yes scopes are like DHCP poicies, each scope might only have 30 Ip's to be leased.

Look for soke CBT Nugget videos, i think they did some Server Administration videos a while back.