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I need to find a way to set my CPU fan control to full speed without the use of hardware but be able to monitor it witht he motherboard. I have tried using my BIOS and software but it keeps resetting itself everytime I reboot. Is there some type of switch that I can install that will allow me to set the fan at high speed while still be able to monitor its rpms with software? So I cant use a molex adaptor because that would not allow the motherboard to monitor it.

Any ideas?

I was thinking of using this but if its plugged into the motherboard header will it be software controlled or will it be controlled by the psu through the 4 pin molex adaptor? I dont want the computer BIOS or software to have fan control I only want to be able the monitor the fan through software and not control it with software?? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16812311001

Are you pressing F10 to save the bios after changing?

The lead you link has only one speed wire. These cables are simple. The red and black go to PSU yellow and black respectively, while the tacho monitor wire stays in the original 3 pin connector.
If you are able, you can sort this out at no cost.

IM pressing save all changes and exit before I leave the BIOS. I have a MSI Z97A Gaming 7 MOBO and its command center always makes changes without my approval. Will the link that I showed allow me to monitor the fan RPM while keeping the fans at full speed or will the software take over.

It states you can only monitor one fan with that item. The fans will always be full speed.