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I have this little "hacker" problem . This little low level " hacker " been getting access to some of my friends g mail acc , and i say " low level " cos i'm a total noob and i'm sure i know a few bits more than him . Any ways i been trying to get his ip and i manage to get an ip off his msn but when ever i do an ip tracker search , it always comes up as yahoo.host some thing in cali i think . i'm sure that's not his ip ( well i don't think it is ) but i just cant seem to get his correct ip . even if he was on a proxy it would show up as somewhere other than the yahoo thing right ? .

i just want to find a way to get his ip so i can match it to some of the other messages he sent on other account so i can at least verify that it's the same person .

i believe it's the same person because of his grammar and miss spelling of the same words in many of the other messages on other accs . i just can't prove its the same person .

any help or advise ?


this should help: https://support.google.com/mail/answer/45938?hl=en

Google stores and displays the IPs of the last logins into each account.


thank you but that does not tell me how to find the ip address of the sender . any tips ?

I'm not sure if the IP of an email's snder is even recorded by gmail BUT IF IT IS, the best place to look will be to go to the message you want to trace and choose the "show original" option to bring up it's full details and path of sending. https://support.google.com/mail/answer/22454?hl=en