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Hello everyone,

I'm an older fellow that has a separate off line computer with Win98se on it. I need to use the 98 computer to run some old telescope mirror testing programs that were written in DOS. I use the f8 key to boot to DOS. I have one favorite program called ADMIR that has it's own screenshot program. It gives me the best quality images of the graphs on the screen, but poor old scrnshot / scrnsho won't work on newer versions of Windows. You have to put the screensho file on a USB flash drive and newer versions of windows (the other computer) can then print it.

The biggest problem I have is keeping Win98 from getting corrupted and locking up (blue screen). Some of these problems are probably my own fault because of trying to import a file or two from a newer OS into 98 ...... Win98 probably says, What the heck is THAT ? (some discipline needed here) In any case, I'd like to know how I can make a rescue disk of some kind to restore 98 so it will work again. I'm good with glass but not with computers. I would have to say that 98 is probably dumber than I am though.

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Finding a legal OEM CD or MS blue-disk CD of Windows 98 or 98SE will be difficult; I'm not sure if an ISO is available out there. I ran Windows 95-98=98SE not too long ago. If I can remember how in the past I was able to Safe Mode into and allow W98SE to repair itself -- I'll come back in.

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I still have one laptop with Windows 98 SE on it. Over the years I've had great luck improving the stability of Windows 98 SE machines by installing:

- The Unofficial Service Pack for Windows 98 SE (currently at v 3.39 (http://www.htasoft.com/u98sesp/))
- KernelEx
- Revolutions Pack

More information on all three can be found at the MSFN forums under the Windows 9x Member Projects subforum http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png .

Thank you Roland and Daveydoom. I'd like to get some instructions on how to use safe mode, but in the mean time I'll check out MSFN.
I forgot to mention that ADMIR can be run on XP which I'm still using. The graph will come up and fill the whole screen, but I can't get MWsnap to capture it. Maybe there's another trustworthy screenshot program with hot keys (that work) that will grab the pic for me. MWsnap is very old. Any suggestions ? Thanks,

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