View Full Version : Gioteck RT-2 Real Triggers


I have some Gioteck RT-2 Real Triggers but I can't seem to clip them on to my (official) PS3 controller.

The diagram shows the triggers being pushed up and clipping on. The official website says "Simple Installation. Just clip on and go!" The only explanation of how to put them on is just clip them on and I've even watched a video where a guy just clipped it on in a second. No problems.

Mine, however, will not just clip on. I've tried pushing the trigger on at different angles, just pushing it on straight on with angling it like it shows. Tried both triggers on both buttons and neither will go on. I gave it to someone else to look at and they had the same problem.

I have noticed that on the back the triggers have a small plastic bit on them which appears to be stopping the trigger pushing on - is that meant to be there? It is a small plastic triangle which starts at the base and goes up to about half way and it goes all the way to the back of the trigger.

Am I doing something wrong or is it the triggers?