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Since Day 1, pretty much every threads in this section turns into a debate thread on a subject that isn't even related to the main question/issue of the thread in which it is posted. In order to counter that and avoid future threads to be "derailed" here, I created this thread where everyone will be able to freely debate about anything related to Windows 10. The most common debate subjects are:

Will Windows 10 be subscription-based in the future;
Is Microsoft putting pressure on the users to upgrade to Windows 10;
The future Windows Update system under Windows 10: Windows 10 Home users not being able to manage their Windows Updates;
Is the "Get Windows 10 App" adware from Microsoft to advertise Windows 10;
Pros and Cons of Windows 10;
Windows Media Center being discontinued on Windows 10;

There's a lot more subjects to be debated here but since I don't want to end up writing a list of 100 points, I'll stop at what I think are the main ones around here. If you have a question or an opinion about something that is related to Windows 10 and you think it could trigger a debate, post it here. Do not post it in another thread where this isn't related to the subject. If you ever see someone derailing a thread with a question that leads to a debate, please instruct them to come in this thread to debate about it. Right now, these kind of posts aren't helpful at all for the users creating threads and wanting answers to their questions.

All the forum rules (http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forum-rules/) applies in this thread. So if you come in this thread only to bash others, your post will be reported, you can be sure of that. This thread is to stay alive in the respect of others opinions and beliefs. However, there's a difference between an opinion and a fact, and a lot of people seems to forget about it. Because of that, this thread will look a bit like a case infront of a court. If you are to claim something, post proofs and facts of it. If you can't, don't keep on posting it over and over again because that you'll be seen as someone who tries to enforce his opinion on others, without valid proof.

If you come in this thread to debate a question or concern that was posted in another one, please post the URL to the post who started it all so people can follow, but keep the rest of the debate in this thread.

This being said, I'll see if a Moderator is okay with monitoring this thread to make sure everything stays within the respect of others and the forums rules. I'll edit this thread in the future to make it look more organized but for now it'll do the job.

Oh and also, avoid posting more than once at the time in this thread. Learn how to use the quotes features and the "@" sign to address someone. If you don't know how, there's a test section (http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/f/35/tests-and-scribbles/)dedicated to that where you can try out these concepts.

This being said, have a good discussion everyone.

@JohnC_21, Drew claims that Win10 Pro users won't have to update. Problem is, a ZDNET article (http://www.zdnet.com/article/heres-how-microsoft-plans-to-push-new-features-to-windows-10-business-users/) contradicts him, by Mary Foley, a pro-Microsoft 'insider'. Notice what she says about 'CBB' and read the links she provided to MSFT sources.

So who is right? I gotta go with Foley, as she'd be hung out to dry if she misled folks or made a huge interpretative mistake. Article has been out two weeks now, no retractions I could find.

I want Drew to be correct (i like him), but...

The biggest point here is that Windows 10 Professional users will have the ability to manage at a certain level the Windows Updates they receive, while the Windows 10 Home users won't. And this is what a lot of people don't like (to not be able to manage their Windows Updates). So it's basically a "war" between Professional and Home.

I have seen up to 7 partitions on computers upgraded from 8 to 8.1. For people that have upgraded to 10 from 8.1, are the number of partitions reduced? I would do a clean install of Windows 10 if not. I would want only three. The EFI partition, the MSR partition, and the Windows partition with a possible data partition added.

One could create a disk image after the Windows 10 clean install thus eliminating the OEM recovery partition.