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So I haven't been following the new console generation as closely as I used to follow gaming, mostly due to time-constraints now that I'm out of college and in the "real world" and also because none of the launch titles really excited me.
That said, my girlfriend bought me an Xbox One for my birthday over the weekend (best girlfriend ever) so what are your guys favorites this generation?
The console came with Master Chief Collection (still waiting for it to download that damn game, holy hell are these files large) and I purchased Ori and the Blind Forest and Far Cry 4 with some points I had left over on my account from my 360. I also picked up Sunset Overdrive on disc so I had something to play this weekend while everything else slowly, painfully, downloaded.
Just wanted to get some discussion going! So talk about what I've purchased or what your favorite games are currently!

I have around 30 games on the Xbox One. I would say the most played game that I have seen is Destiny, not just from me but from almost everyone on my friends list. My friends list has doubled since that game came out.
Other fun games are, Dead Rising 3, Borderlands: The Handsome Collection, Dying Light, GTA 5, Dragon Age 3, Far Cry 4, Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, Dark Souls 2.
If you haven’t played Borderlands, GTA5 and Dark Souls 2 on the 360 then for sure you want to get these.
Borderlands comes with a LOT of DLC that probably cost $200 total at one point, this game cost only $60. It pretty much looks the same as the 360.
GTA 5 did get a big graphics upgrade when compared to Borderlands and Dark Souls 2.
Dark Souls 2 comes with all the DLC and I believe better graphics and it’s 60fps now.
Also don’t forget to download the Free Games with Gold.

Thanks! I had been adding the games for gold to my account the past few months, so I have most of them, but for some reason don’t have Worms, Child of Light, or Volgarr the Viking. Something went wrong on Microsoft’s site when I added them..
Dying Light looked interesting, but I got bored of the first Dead Island way faster than I expected. How does DL compare?

I’ve purchased a few games for my One. Right now I’m playing Wolfenstein the old blood and I’m loving it. It’s only $20 and definitely worth it in my opinion. My favorite multiplayer game is Titan Fall, you can get it pretty cheap nowadays and the add-ons are now free; I’ve probably played this game more than any other one I own. Halo was fun too, I wish the multiplayer wasn’t so buggy but I’ve always liked the campaigns more so it was still worth the money IMO. You should take a look into EA access, for like $10 a month you can play quite a few games like Fifa, Battlefield and Madden. I don’t have it but I am looking into it.

I’ll check out that EA Access pass, any idea if it also includes NHL?
Also, did you play last year’s Wolfenstein? How’s that compared to Old Blood?

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I’ll check out that EA Access pass, any idea if it also includes NHL?
Yup NHL 15, and it’s actually $5 a month not ten. The full list of games can be found here:http://www.ea.com/eaaccess/

Also, did you play last year’s Wolfenstein? How’s that compared to Old Blood?
I played last years on the 360 and really liked it. The two are very similar, the Old Blood almost plays like it’s the same game but with a different story and levels. For $20 I think it’s worth it.