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Got a pop up saying GWXUX stopped, did a Google and found it was an improper install. It also showed it was nag ware for 10 and had been reapplied several times. So I deleted and went to Windows update which did a scan that showed nothing, but upon reboot I got the configuring screen notice. I went back to installed updates but it is not there with nothing else showing for this date, wondering was 3035583 dumped as it was a problem?

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The KB3035583 can be buggy. I have it installed on my system for around 3 weeks now, but yesterday it came back in the Windows Update and I reinstalled it again. It didn't change anything at all so I just left it be. Did you use the "Get Windows 10" app to reserve your copy of Windows 10 yet?

Hi OldPhil,

Experienced somewhat similar experience here. http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/582409/windows-update/.

Haven't had any problems since reinstalling.


Open a command prompt and enter the following command:

wmic qfe | find "KB3035583"

Does it returns you anything?

The code-signing certificate on at least one of the executables (GWXUXWorker.exe) in earlier releases expires tomorrow (14 July); that was probably one of the reasons that this update was reissued last week.

Edit: FWIW, it doesn't look on Windows 7 like they attempted to mitigate the UAC bypass in that binary...but then this isn't really an enterprise app nor is it necessarily installed everywhere, so there might not be as much interest from the bad guys.