View Full Version : Is Pixelmator for iPad for non-pros like me?

I'm looking for a photo editing app for my iPad Air 2. I loved the demo that the Pixelmator team gave during the Keynote, and I am interested in buying it. However, I'm also not a professional photographer. I'm not even a casual photographer. I'm a dude that wants to occasionally fix the pictures he takes of family, friends, and vacations.
Has anyone used Pixelmator? Is it too hard to just pick up and learn?
I also have a Mac, but I do not use Pixelmator there. I just use iPhoto.

I have only used the Mac version of Pixelmator, but if the iPad version is anything like it, it should be a good tool for your purposes. My perspective is that I have a lot of Photoshop experience, and with that perspective I can say that Pixelmator is entirely appropriate for casual photo editing because it is not anywhere near as complex as Photoshop.
If you have used any traditional photo/paint program, you will be able to learn Pixelmator pretty quickly. If you haven’t, you will at least need to learn the basics of selecting and manipulating pixels because as a traditional pixel editor, Pixelmator works differently than iPhoto.
The reason for you to get Pixelmator is if you think the correction features in iPhoto are not enough. What Pixelmator does that iPhoto can’t do is pixel-level corrections like being able to precisely correct specific areas or recombine multiple photos with layers. In this way Pixelmator is a good complement to iPhoto.

Thanks for the feedback.
Considering iPhoto for iOS has been discontinued, it kind of feels like this would be my only option beyond the absolute basics of the preinstalled Photos app for iOS (which is super basic). I like iPhoto on the Mac, but I’d really like something for editing on the go since I don’t own a MacBook; my home Mac is an iMac.
Thanks again. Good to know that a Photoshop user believes Pixelmator for iPad is easy to use for a novice like me.

Pixelmator isn’t hard to use and the support from the devs and community is amazing.

Thanks for sharing. Admittedly, it looks a tiny bit intimidating, but if there’s a community and strong dev support behind it, I guess I can’t lose.

Whatever you use Photoshop for other than photos, heh. I was laying out a Christmas card in there the other week anyway. Blank canvas, nice tools, why not? :P. I used to use Microsoft Word to do something similar too.

I didn’t realize there was a difference between "fixing" and "editing" photos; I have used them interchangeably. I just assumed Photoshop was like iPhoto, but on steroids. I guess I’ll checkout Afterlight just to see what it’s about.