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Error: The trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed - i get that error sometimes on logon what causes it and how do i fix it

The computer's relationship with the domain has been reset, usually because the computer's password doesn't match the password for it in AD.

To fix this, you can log onto the computer as a local admin and join the computer to a workgroup, removing it from the domain. Then reboot and log in again as the local admin.

You can then either rejoin the computer to the domain with domain-level admin credentials. Or you can delete the computer account from AD, recreate it, replicate the change across the domain, and then rejoin the computer to the domain.

so if i put it into workgroep then restart,then rejoin it to domain,that should fix it?

The only password he can change is his user password. Someone with access to AD may need to reset his user password.

However, that error message indicates the computer password isn't synced. If his user password were incorrect, he wouldn't be able to log in at all.

ok im just trying to learn this stuff,if i deleted his computer from AD he just log in normally then on domain he wouldnt get any problem would he? but if i delete computer name will that effect any of his material