View Full Version : Is Anyone Looking Forward to Halo 5: Guardians? Your thoughts...

As my title says, I'm just curious if anyone is looking forward to Halo 5: Guardians and also their thoughts on it. I personally am really excited as I personally love the Halo story/lore and am excited to see what happened to Master Chief and why he went rogue, why he is branded a traitor, and I am also curious on if Locke is trying to kill the chief or if he is just trying to bring him back to the UNSC. I am also excited for the multiplayer, as the Open Beta for it was quite promising and I had a blast on it, it actually reminded me of Halo 2 arena style multiplayer which is exactly what they needed for this next Halo game. Feel free to voice your opinion on it, and don't worry, I won't go all halo fanboy on you if you don't like the game.

ocke is hunting the Chief because he was branded a traitor. I think it will be a great game. I also think according to the two trailers that were released with the Walking Dead on Sunday that there will be two possible endings.

I like the idea of the expanded universe from the other games, and I did enjoy 3 and 4; though I like to play single player more than multiplayer… I wish it had online co-op so I could play with friends other than locally with split screen.
So from the single player perspective, it would be a nice game to expand the story and universe more.

I like the idea of stronger characters to foil Chief. It gives the story a lot more substance, as opposed to the relatively abstract mythology that makes up the motivation for the story in the first 4 games. Not a huge fan of 4, but it was really character driven and I’m looking forward to what 343’s doing with the story. I rarely play console games, but to me, Halo 5 could be as good as The Witcher or even Metal Gear.

Halo 4 was awful. The boss fight was stupid and the multiplayer sucked. I liked the campaign as a whole though and I have high hopes for Halo 5.