View Full Version : Windows does not want to save system settings

i have a problem with my windows.
it does not want to save system settings.
it saves normally all settings from third part programs, and user settings.
but settings related to system does not want to save.
for example, it does not want to save status of the windows services. For example i change startup settings from several windows services from disabled to automatic, and it does not save this.
it also for example, does not save settings when i edit registry.
also, most of control panel settings. (those user specific are saved, but system settings are not).
and so on.
it saves settings only in safe mode.
this looks like some third party application preventing windows from saving settings, but i disabled all third part applications (clean boot), and, disabled all windows services (except 3 which can not be disabled because they are essential) in safe mode, rebooted, and tried to enable them in normal (clean boot) mode, but still, nothing. After a restart, it did not save them.

can someone tell me what this might be?

(post scriptum: i am at the moment using windows server 2012, but it is the same thing as windows 8, where i had the same problem, so consider this beeing windows 8 question)

I suspect you're not logged in as an Administrator.

no i am not logged in as "administrator" literally (built in account), but my account has administrative privilages (it is member of administrators groop), so my account is second administrator acount on computer.

mmm does sound weird and with all the caps it must be confusing for you!

Have you tried creating another account and giving it admin privllages?
it seems as though the System account is coreecting the settings every time it starts or another app like spybot (Tea timer what ever iots called) is just reapplying the settings upon startup.

Just curious, is this a domain controller ? member server of a domain ?
You might try logging on as THE administrator, not just an account with admin privileges. If that account can make changes that are saved, then compare the "member of" listing with that account and the other accounts that have admin privileges and see if they all have the same group membership. For example, in mine administrators are members of these groups:

Domain Admins
Domain Users
Enterprise Admins
Schema Admins
Group Policy Creator Owners