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Hey, wondering if anyone can help with a problem i have been having with my game,

System Specs: AMD FX 6 core @ 3.30 Ghz 8GB of ram Radeon HD 7750 with 1 gb of ram. Windows 7 64 bit 12.10 amd drivers

I got black ops2 for Christmas and couldn't play it after finding out the problem was a BIOS that needed an update now i can play black ops perfectly at high settings, now i cant play SW at all, the game takes 4 mins or more to load and 4 mins or so on each

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Now onto your problem. Did you check you had the latest patches of both games before taking apart the hardware of your machine? Maybe Black Ops 2 or SWTOR has a bug in it which is causing the problem.

Why would you need to do a BIOS update to run Ops?? What would happen when you tried to run the game before updating? What error message did you get?

Sorry was typing on my phone, black ops was causing a timing error and a bsod, something in the old BIOS wasn't allong it to run properly.

Yup had all of the latest patches

A CPU Timing error if I remember right

And then after you did the update, SWTOR wasn't running correctly, am I right? Was it just getting stuck/freezing or not running at all?