View Full Version : La noire character cant stop running

Just got LA Noire Complete on Steam, and I have 0 problems with any other Steam game (or any game that I play, including GTA IV) but for some reason, when I try to move in any direction, my character won't Stop Running until he runs into a wall or other large object. He gets stuck in spots in the alley, still trying to run mind you, and I can't get him out and have to start over when that happens. I'm still stuck in the first alley where the game starts, and yes I have been hit by a car because of the whole out-of-control running thing. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm running Windows 7 64bit Home Premium, I7 980X, ATI 5870, etc.

Are you using any controllers like Xbox 360 controller or steering wheels?

i've had that problem with my gamepad..but not sure why it happens..

I'm not using any other controllers. I have a Microsoft Ergonomic Media keyboard and a Logitech MMO mouse (the one with the 12 key keypad on the thumb side). http://m.bestofmedia.com/sfp/images/design/usr/smilies/frown.gif