View Full Version : What does details.aspx?id=10 mean?

hey guys
i want to use the functionality provided by the command:
::> datanavigateurlformatstring="details.aspx?id={0}"
datanavigateurlfields="title_id" />
i understand that it gets the first value from title_id column to make a url as (say):
::> details.aspx?id=10
what exactly does it mean?
i think it translates to finding id value=10 on details.aspx but where is it going to search for the id.
i would be thankful if someone could elaborate it.
thank you

The browser is submitting an HTTP GET request to the details.aspx page, providing a value of 10 for the id key. What the details.aspx page does with the id's value is implementation-dependent, but likely results in a database lookup of some sort.

I think more clearly, the error is that you seem to think that the "parameter" being passed is going to be "found on default.aspx"?

What is really going on, is that another page is passing to page default.aspx some information. This information is the "id value=10". As ptr2void says, what happens then is implementation-dependent.

What this is, is one type of client-side state management called "query strings". As one page cannot communicate to another page directly, this is one way to do it.

ok so what this does is: one page throws a value using
www.<site-name>.com?variable1=<value> and the other page catches it using:
int passed_variable=Request.QueryString["variable1"];
and so the value can be further used like to show particular values off the database. right?

Not necessary the database by itself. It can be anything the server-side script, like VB.NET or C#.NET within the ASP.NET, can use for whatever purpose. Such as script decision making, database use, etc.