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I have some weird files on my computer I don't know what it is and when I try to delete it, it tells me that I cant delete it but some of them I can delete but it keeps coming back so I don't know what this is and some examples of these files are: desktop.ini, $RECYCLE.BIN, ProgramData, System Volume Information, bootmgr, BOOTNXT, hyperfill.sys, pagefile.sys, and swapfile.sys. So please tell me what these files are.

They are all legitimate files & folders, ranging from your recycle bin to your pagefile and hibernation data.

The files you mention are Windows operating system files. Those files are HIDDEN by default.

If you see them, it is likely that you or someone else has set hidden files and folders and protected operating system files to show instead of keeping them hidden.

Best course of action is the HIDE them. I don't use Windows 8 so I cannot tell you how to check the settings for hiding/unhiding them.

The process is the same in Windows 8 as it is in previous versions of Windows Evie.